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…The best kept financing secret in business.

Factoring is a simple CASH FLOW financing tool that allows a business to turn its debtors into CASH – a factoring facility allows a business to release the cash owed to it in unpaid invoices.

When you factor your accounts, you receive an initial advance of up to 90% of the invoiced goods or services within 24 hours.

Simply, a business sells one of its assets, the accounts receivable (unpaid invoices), to raise working capital.

Factoring allows a business to eliminate the gap between the time an invoice is raised and the time payment is received – effectively converting your term accounts into cash accounts. As a result the cash flow of the business is improved dramatically.

Business Capital Financial Group then collects payment from your customers – managing your accounts for you – allowing you time to focus on growing your business.

The balance of the invoice, known as the reserve, is released to you (less the Factor’s fees) when the account is paid by the debtor.

It’s your money … so get paid.

Most small businesses are expected to provide their customers with 30 day credit terms but often payments stretch out to 60 or 90 days. This results in poor liquidity and may result in a business becoming insolvent.

Factoring puts you back in the driver’s seat … freeing up your working capital and time to enable you to concentrate on what you do best – growing your business.

Why Factor?

Is your business …
  • Experiencing rapid growth?
  • Unable to take advantage of sales opportunities due to a lack of working capital?
  • Having cash flow problems? – held back by slow paying debtors?
  • Wasting time chasing up debtors? – sick of hearing ‘the cheques in the mail’?
  • Undercapitalised? – reluctant to create more debt?
  • Unable to raise working capital without mortgaging the family home?
  • Paying too much for supplies? … improve margins by getting discounts for cash.
  • So successful that you’ve run out of cash?
  • Having problems paying the ATO?
  • A start-up business with no security and limited trading history?
  • Involved in the acquisition of another business? – buying out a partner?

If so then factoring may be an option for your business.

Factoring allows you to control your cash flow whilst still extending credit terms to your  customers and gives you peace of mind.

Take control of your CASH FLOW today.